After meeting and interviewing you, Lisa will then discuss health and temperament of your chosen breed. When this process is complete she will research and contact breeders to find a puppy that fits your needs. Please be aware that most often there is a waiting list for puppies and it may take a few months or longer for some breeds. 

Lisa also recommends attempting to find a "Puppy Culture" breeder. Although more and more breeders are learning of the importance of socializing pups from 3 weeks until placement in a new home, there are some that do better in this area than others. Puppy Culture is relatively new program that has been extensively researched. It uses the most recent scientific findings to help breeders understand at what developmental period they should be doing particular things to optimize a pup's socialization before it goes to it's forever home.

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Here at Good Dog! Training we love our rescue dogs. Lisa and her husband Bill, have two. Sprite, a Sheltie/Cocker mix they found on the side of the road, and Duchess, a Foxhound they adopted from Watauga Humane Society in Boone, NC. Lisa and Bill also own 3 purebred Doberman Pinschers. Recognizing the benefits of a healthy purebred dog, bred by a knowledgeable breeder with the utmost care devoted to health, temperament, and proper socialization prior to placement in their forever homes, Lisa is excited to help her clients interested in purchasing a purebred pup of any breed. 

Lisa recognizes the value of puppies that responsible breeders are producing. If not for great breeders, we would lose the breeds we love. All the varieties of dogs we have today from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Irish Wolfhound have been purpose bred by dedicated breeders worldwide for generations - some for thousands of years. Click here for an article listing some of the most ancient breeds of dogs.

Lisa further recognizes how proper selection of sire and dam, as well as health testing for the most common issues any particular breed faces, along with top notch healthcare and reduction of stress during pregnancy produces the most healthy, strong and resilient puppies. This, along with the proper socialization of puppies from 3 - 14 weeks of age is what all good breeders should be doing when producing pups. There are many good breeders out there who are doing this.  There are also Backyard Breeders who are uneducated and uninformed about what it truly takes to produce a healthy and well socialized puppy. They may have beautiful websites and wonderful claims showcasing their dogs, or they may offer their puppies in local newspaper ads. Here is a document that will help you understand the difference between responsible breeders and Backyard Breeders.

A responsible breeder may be hard to find. They don't have the need to advertise much, as they have a waiting list for puppies built on their reputation and word of mouth. Lisa can help you find a responsible breeder, and you can take it from there, or she can interview you extensively and then do the research to find the right breeder for you, purchase, and even train the puppy for you. 

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​​Good Dog! Training is pleased to announce we will now be offering services to help prospective puppy owners wishing to purchase a healthy, appropriately socialized purebred puppy.