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Lisa, thanks for all your help. I am very happy to have Dude back home with me. I missed him, but am so glad he spent those couple of months with you. What a relief to understand how to continue on with his training through adolescence. He is absolutely the best puppy. I've had dogs before, but the confidence you gave me can't be underestimated. I can take Dude everywhere and he pays attention to me, not everything else that's going on!

Paul M.

Charlotte, NC

We know how busy it gets trying to tape all those ears, get your prospective show pups to stack, free stack and move correctly, in addition having one more dog to care for when you are concentrating on finishing the last litter...

Send your prospective show pups or refer your clients to Good Dog! Training for house training, correct socialization, manners, show training and more. At Good Dog! Training we have extensive experience in taping ears and will tape them the way you want them taped. We'll send photos and videos of your pup frequently so you can provide feedback and see how your pup is doing. 

​​​​Good Dog! Training offers properly run and organized puppy socialization classes. These classes are held onsite at The Good Dog! Training facility in West Jefferson, NC. They are scheduled for Sunday afternoons and Thursday mornings. ​​Click her to sign up - ​pre registration is required for each class.

Before opening Good Dog! Training, ​during that process, and even today, Lisa is blessed with the friendship of her dog training mentor, one of the top trainers in  the country, Marge Rogers of Rewarded Behavior Continues.

Lisa is excited to offer you free resources developed by Marge and our 

mutual friend, Eileen Anderson

(eileenanddogs). Click below

for a free downloadable iBook,

"Lessons For My Puppy." 

​​What else besides socialization?

Now What?

Home Stay Board and Train pups, Dallas (Labradoodle - 9 months, right) and Denver (Doberman - 5 months, blue ribbon) celebrating a birthday with some of the Good Dog! Training resident dogs.

Who can resist these

bundles of Joy?

Lack of proper socialization can cause:

  • Fearful, shy, timid...
  • Anxious, stressed, worried...
  • Unfriendly, agitated and aggressive​...

Deaf puppy learns impulse control around toys

         Mackie -

Border Collie

7 months

​Puppy proof your bathroom

Roscoe - 

Labrador Retriever

12 months old 

​Board and Train

Lisa and 7 week old Doberman puppies. These pups have never had any type of training before. See how quick they are to figure out what gets them a reward. Pups in this litter were rescued and have now been placed in loving, forever homes!

Happy Dogs.

My Labradoodle puppy, Dallas, was 10 months old when she was the only student at Good Dog! Training's Home Stay Board and Train.  During her 22 day stay she learned to sit, lay down, come, walk on a loose leash,  and to be patient and quiet at outdoor cafe's. She also learned not to jump on people or furniture.  Dallas enjoyed her positive reinforcement training with Lisa. Now she has started K9 Nose Work and loves it!

Annie E.

Sugar Mountain, NC

The critical socialization period for puppies starts when they are barely 3 weeks old. It begins when they can be observed to "startle" upon hearing a sound. This critical period has recently been shown to end earlier than what was previously thought . It ends forever between 12-16 weeks of age. Click here to see an interview with Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Lisa Radosta as she explains important facts about puppy socialization. 

Puppies & Adult Dogs

Why is Socialization so important for puppies?

Boo -

Mixed breed

 11 month old pup

  • Pre-registration for each class is required
  • There must be at least 4 puppies (limit 6), in order for the class to be held
  • Puppies adopted from Watauga and Ashe Humane Society and purebred puppies with registration papers will be given a $5.00 discount on each class.

​Services Offered

How old does a puppy have to be for Home Stay Board and Train?

Denver came home with social skills he didn't have when he left me for Lisa's Board and Train. Now he can go to doggie daycare and get the exercise and social enrichment he needs while I'm at school all day. He has manners like never before. I was ready to give up on him, but now I know that his misbehavior wasn't my fault. It was normal puppy behavior. I just didn't know how to channel it, or how to teach him new things instead of old habits! THANK YOU, LISA!

Gretchen C.

​Johnson City, TN

Happy Owners.

Rewarding Results.

In addition to socialization, you can and should, begin teaching your puppy simple and fun behaviors.  Taught gently and with the correct methods so a puppy can easily understand what you're trying to teach him, these early behaviors become ones he will happily and easily do the rest of his life. There’s no better time to start training your puppy than right now!

Nugget - 8 week old Board and Train puppy

Good Dog! Training can help your children and puppy coexist safely and peacefully. Lisa is a member of Doggone Safe, an organization dedicated to safety and dog bite prevention. 

Jake - 9 month old adolescent Board and Train pup.

Contact Good Dog! Training today for more information about our

Home Stay Board and Train for your puppy!

Home Stay Board and Train for Show Puppies

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At Good Dog! Training we love  puppies and all the potential they have. Puppies that start their training with us before 6 months of age are given a discount over the fees we normally charge for training adult dogs. The time you invest in your puppy during this critical period in his development will pay off for a lifetime.

Good Dog! Training offers a variety of package options based on your goals for your puppy and the level of support you need. All of our training packages come with written/online training handouts and videos as needed. We will video elements of your training sessions and send the videos to you via smartphone while we are at your home! 

One moment your adorable little puppy hangs on your every word and is very well behaved. Before you know it, adolescence hits and you feel invisible to your puppy. He is becoming more independent every day. Consistency in training is very important during this developmental phase. Training problems are likely to be more pronounced during your puppy’s adolescence. Before your puppy gets any older (and bigger!) take the time to teach him Good! behavior.  Contact Good Dog! Training  now!



Contact  Good Dog! Training for all your puppy training needs. We'll send you information about our packages and fees upon request.

  • Are you planning on getting a new puppy but not looking forward to the commitment of time and effort it takes to house train, socialize or prepare them for life as a treasured family pet?
  • Do you have a pup that needs training, but don't have the time to train it?
  • Are you worried about leaving your brand new puppy home alone all day when you have to work?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of adding puppy training to your schedule?

Good Dog! Training offers positive solutions to these problems. We are one of the  very few dog training businesses  offering  modern, science based methods in our board and train program. The methods of the old-style "Doggie Boot Camps" have historically relied upon the use of a shock collar or other harsh methods to gain control and obedience of a dog who truly doesn't understand the behaviors taught, but complies to avoid shock, pain or intimidation. 

While in our care puppies live as members of the Good Dog! Family.

They live in  our Home Stay Guest House with Lisa  and receive undivided attention.

Training occurs  with each  and every  interaction. As a rule  there is only one or two

puppies at a time  in the Board and Train program.  During the day and evening pups

 will have  multiple  training sessions and may socialize with well-mannered resident

dogs  between sessions.  Board and  Train programs  are individualized  to suit each

puppy's and  owner's preferences. Once your dog's training plan has been achieved

successfully you will receive private instructions on how to maintain your puppy's new


Puppies in our board and train program are started on a house training program, socialization is begun, and skills your puppy will need to succeed as a beloved companion and family pet are initiated. Puppies headed for potential careers in the conformation show ring, competition obedience ring, pet therapy and K9  Nose Work® will receive training related to their owners specific requests. Our Home Stay Board and Train program is unique in that we use only dog-friendly, force free, positive methods to train your puppy. Happy puppies mean happy owners. At Good Dog! Training we are not a "Doggie Boot Camp."  Your puppy comes home with a new set of behaviors and skills that will prepare him to be a valued and loved member of your family, while retaining his confidence and trust in you as his owner. 

"Attending puppy socialization classes is the single most important thing you can do for your dog in his lifetime." - Kenneth Martin, DVM, and Debbie Martin, RVT, VTS (Behavior), CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, authors - "Puppy Start Right - Foundation Training for the Companion Dog"

Prevent a common house training mistake

Thanks Lisa! Bailey is a changed puppy. She is sooooo much calmer now. I can't believe how smart she is! Did you give her a brain transplant?? LOL! It's like having a new puppy, but she still has the same happy-go-lucky attitude.

Emily P.

Boone, NC

Ch. Alpha's Weekend Warrior


Proudly owned, bred, and exhibited by

Susanne Smith

Maisey - 13 week old Board and Train Puppy

We know you want to spend every minute enjoying this wonderful, fleeting period in your puppy's life, and you should.  But NOW  is the time to start simple, fun training exercises that your pup will remember for his lifetime. Puppies are like little sponges and every interaction with them is one they learn from whether it be behavior you like, or behavior that is troublesome. Learn how to easily teach your pup Good! behaviors. Contact Good Dog! Training now!

Stop! Pull yourself together!

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