"Lisa, I sat next to you on the flight from Portland to Charlotte. The talk we had has changed my little Dachshund's life! I had no idea there were so many simple things I could do to make his life better. I thought he was spoiled before; now he lives like a true King. Thanks again.

​Gary - 

Rock Hill, NC              

Click below to see a video of how a dog responds to coming when called, trained with the positive, dog friendly techniques we use at

Good Dog! Training​.

"YES" is not just a word it's a training philosophy. At Good Dog! Training we encourage you to teach your dog new and acceptable behaviors like sitting or lying down quietly, and then substitute those new behaviors for ones you don't like such as jumping, barking or begging.   Rather  than  constantly 

telling your dog "No, no, no,"  this creates an opportunity to tell your dog "yes" while rewarding your dog and   seeing   more of   that Good!  behavior...

The clicker training helped me communicate with Brody  in a way I never knew possible. Now when I get his training gear out he dances with happiness. Brody and I thank you.

Anne Marie T.

Blowing Rock, NC

Don't take my word for it that the techniques I use are successful and long lasting. Listen to what my clients have to say.

Lisa Mallory CPDT-KA, CNWI

Good Dog!Training, LLC

The group class did Hailey a world of good. Now we don't have to yell at her anymore. Learning how to train her without punishment was amazing and so new for us, but just what we needed, even though we didn't know anything other than what we had been doing. We enjoyed being in class as a couple and hope that you will be offering more classes so we can continue training with you. 

Katie and Justin - 

West Jefferson, NC

"Lisa was very knowledgeable and gave great explanations. A great presentation with good visual cues and slides."

Kim H.

West Jefferson, NC

"Lisa was kind and gentle with the dogs. They responded to her wonderfully and her method of teaching me, made me feel comfortable and secure, even though I was very nervous. Logan and Missy want to know why she doesn't come back anymore, and I tell them it's because they are Good Dogs! now. 
Patricia M.                                   Blowing Rock, NC                                                              

"Excellent course taught through unique and thought provoking examples and interaction. Exceeded expectations!"
 Tom A.

West Jefferson, NC

Sophie was in desperate need of help. She was aggressive and we were afraid of  her. I cannot believe how much better she is now! Sophie is now a pleasure to live with and has learned so much! We learned how to become better owners. We were so close to giving Sophie up. Lisa has shown us the “Good Dog!” in her. It’s amazing. I cannot believe the transformation. It wasn't easy, and took some time, but it was worth it!!

Heather F.

Boone, NC

Lisa endorses the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior(AVSAB) positions on Punishment, Dominance and Puppy Socialization.The primary goal at Good Dog! Training is to make living with your dog easier, more enjoyable and to create a bond of love and trust between you and the dog you love. Lisa is committed to providing top quality services to her clients and their dogs. She wants everyone to have the pleasure of having a well behaved pet that is part of the family, treated liked family, and loved like family. 

Good Dog! Training's  mission is to expand the awareness and use of modern teaching and training  techniques founded in science-based learning principles, and to educate  the public about the the tools and techniques necessary to apply safe, effective, and humane training methods when teaching dogs or their guardians.

An empowering approach that emphasizes positive reinforcement is used making communication more clear and less stressful, and making learning more productive and enjoyable for both the dog and it's guardian. This approach develops compassion, patience and empathy, bringing about more meaningful relationships with our dogs while teaching them new behaviors that make them wonderful family companions and a joy to live with!

Using positive reinforcement and clicker training is a great way to bond with your dog. A truly loving relationship is fostered between dog and owner when the dog learns to substitute trained behaviors for ones the owner previously found unacceptable. If your dog is doing something you approve of, he can't be doing something you disapprove  of. The solution to every unwanted behavior is nearly always the same: Stop banging your head against a wall trying to get your dog to quit performing unwanted behaviors that drive you crazy and start training him to do things you like him to do, that are incompatible with the unwanted behaviors.   For instance if your dog jumps teach him that keeping all four feet on the floor or sitting, will earn a reward. Jumping then becomes a useless behavior for the dog, while keeping all of his feet on the floor pays off! 

Lisa, your amazing grasp of behavior and all the common sense solutions for little things make such a huge difference in how I interact with my dog. You also make me feel better and more confident, like I'm not a total idiot when it comes to training, which makes me want to train and have fun with Shelby even more!

Elaine B.

Boone, NC


Jeffrey and I were able to take the girls over to my brother's house at the beach for a week last month. I just had to let you know how awesome they were. My brother invited them back again!!

Kathy C.

Boone, NC

"The lessons made me feel comfortable that I wouldn't be judged for mistakes I've already made. Great insight into how dog's learn."   

Jill F.          
 West Jefferson, NC                                    


The last trainer scared Cassie. It made me so sad and angry. You came in and now she goes crazy when she sees you. Cassie is so much more confident and happy now. Thank you for everything!

​Lorie D.

​Seven Devils, NC

"The best part was seeing how much my dog enjoyed it."
 Karl  - 
                                                       St. John's, FL        

"We were ready to tear our  hair out before Lisa came to help us with our crazy boy, Skyler. He would urinate on new people, bark incessantly at the door if someone knocked, and was overall very unmanageable. Lisa explained so many things that just made sense! Skyler is now a different dog. He hasn't urinated since Lisa's first visit, and we learned a lot of techniques to help train him to be a better dog. He couldn't be a better dog now. We love him! I've recommended Lisa to everyone I know. Thank you, Lisa!"

Amy P.                                           

St. Augustine, FL    

Mackie learns that grabbing for food doesn't work, but waiting politely does


Candy and I have never felt so connected since we started competing. Your help has been essential to our success!

Jan W.

Orlando, FL

Puppy Socialization

Coming When Called

"Thank you so much! All four

of us (or should I say six of us) really love working with you. We thoroughly agree with your training philosophy and can already see how it works with Riley and Cooper. We love our dogs and truly want them to be a part of our family and to join us in whatever we are doing together. With your help we know they can! We are looking forward to our next sessions!"

Carly F.
Jacksonville, FL                                                     

Dog Training in Boone, Blowing Rock, West Jefferson, Banner Elk, Ashe, Avery and Watauga Counties of North Carolina

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"I Just wanted to let you know I took Maxx on a long trip to Destin, FL recently. He was SO much better on the leash. When we got there he LISTENED and OBEYED me completely. He was off leash at the lake and would come when called every time! Thanks!"
Barry P.                                Jacksonville, FL                                                           

Watch Hunter learn that keeping four feet on the floor pays off...